We’re releasing hirepool publicly: free and 100% for the job seeker

Since we launched the private version of hirepool, we’ve had the opportunity to learn, to collaborate, and to build with thousands of job seekers. Their feedback has helped our team develop interview preparation software which works. We’ve also heard the same question a few times now,

“I’m a job seeker, can I sign up for hirepool?”

And since the answer is yes every time, we decided to release a free public version of hirepool. Now it’s easy to sign up or share hirepool with friends who are navigating the job search.

In case it helps, today, hirepool is most helpful to a determined job seeker. Someone who is prepared to accept an offer.

We identify people who value hirepool in one of two ways:

  1. A job seeker who is applying to jobs, but is not landing interviews
  2. A job seeker who is landing phone interviews, but can’t get on site

We empower job seekers of all backgrounds. That said, the majority of our users are looking for a new job in a corporate or tech (not exclusively tech though!) environment.


Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 5.24.26 PM[an interview guide in hirepool]

Why releasing our public version of hirepool is exciting

Hirepool is where you put all of your job search into one place, receive tailored interview preparation and feedback, and get personalized guidance throughout the offer process.

One reason releasing a public version of hirepool is exciting, is because it works! We see the impact on our user base which spans 52 countries. We could not have reached this point without the continuous support and feedback from the hirepool community. We expect this milestone to speed up our learning. What we learn will be reinvested in the product, and more importantly the community.

Now it’s time to look at what comes next.

What’s next for hirepool.io?

We will continue to listen to the job seeker and invest our time and resources the same way.  For the next quarter, we will focus on our relationship with existing users, while striving to reach new users so that we can continue to learn from the job seeker in today’s job market.

In closing

The next time you bump into an old friend or a former colleague and they mention their job search don’t hesitate to share hirepool with them! Our team is 100% dedicated to serving the job seeker (notice we didn’t say employer?) and committed to empowering job seekers of all backgrounds.



Are you a job seeker?