The Job Search Feels Isolating But You Are Not Alone, Job Seeker

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What Is It Like To Be An Active Job Seeker In Today’s Market?

We listen to our users, every day. Our interactions include phone calls, emails, interactions on LinkedIn, and through the, web app. We listen to identify patterns so that we can continue to build valuable, solutions, to empower job seekers of all backgrounds. One feeling job seekers share with us every day: the job search feels isolating.

Job Seekers Feel This Way Because:

  • Technology broke the application process. As easy as it is to apply to 20 jobs in 20 seconds, it is easy to question whether or not the job posting is active, to be screened out by a recruiter in 6 seconds, or to never be seen at all. There are numerous reports out there which illustrate this point, but at least one report says, “on average, every corporate job opening attracts 250 resumes but only 4 to 6 of these people will be called for an interview, and only 1 of those will be offered a job.” More recently, Vincent Yeh shared his job search experience that yielded a 1.11% probability of an application turning into an offer. 


  • Interview transparency is a foreign phrase to employers. Remember when mid-terms came around in college? You could count on some outline of what to expect. “Hey, it’s going to be part multiple choice part fill in the blank.” “The midterm will cover what you’ve learned in chapters 4-8 over the past semester.” Don’t count on the same level of transparency in the job search. Instead, it’s more like you’re being asked to put on a blindfold and enter a maze where making a wrong turn can leave you lost or even worse, discouraged and doubting your self-value. Let’s hope more employers read Cory Eustice’s blog post and take note of t proposed 6-step hiring process.


  • Giving feedback is far from best practice. Most employers just neglect to share feedback because they don’t care enough to return your investment as a job seeker. Others, do care but are making decisions based on unstructured interview processes which yield little to no useful feedback. In the latter case, it’s easier not to share feedback than it is to make up meaningful feedback. The result: radio silence or feedback that, based on your experience, doesn’t make any sense. The worst, when you get that email saying, “We have decided to move forward with other candidates and cannot share feedback due to policy.” What??? There is a policy to consume several hours from your greatest asset and give nothing in return? (for the cynics out there: the form of currency doesn’t change the fact that it’s your greatest asset)

Keep Your Head Up You Are Not Alone

If you are feeling this way, fear not, you are not alone. As mentioned above, we hear from job seekers every day and sadly this feeling of isolation is more of an epidemic than an exception. There are millions of people out there, right now, just like you. Here are three reminders to help you get through the day:

  1. No matter what, don’t take it personally. None of the reasons stated above are an indication of your worth or individual value. They are more a sign of how broken (beyond repair) the hiring process has become.
  2. Look for a community where you feel comfortable and reach out to others. You will quickly find others in a similar position. Work together to help each other, offer to review resumes, and make introductions to people in your network if they can be of assistance to the job seeker next to you. You will get in return, what you give to the talent community.  
  3. Be patient. The job search takes time these days. In some cases, the average job search is quoted at 2 months, for most we hear numbers closer to 6-8 months, and it is not uncommon to hear people who have been feeling this way for up to a year and a half. Keep asking for help and drive your search forward.

Hirepool Is Here For You

Before we decided to articulate our mission as empowering job seekers of all backgrounds, we thought deeply about: never navigate your career alone. We see an opportunity to become the world’s trusted career platform, and we believe that opportunity comes with a tremendous responsibility to make sure job seekers around the world stop feeling isolated, and start feeling empowered.


[if you’re in the job search and feeling discouraged or isolated just pop into the support channel and we’ll be there when you need us most:]