Hirepool Mission: To Empower Job Seekers Of All Backgrounds

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The Job Search is Stressful, Unclear, Disorganized, and One-Sided

The job search is stressful. It’s more than a full-time job, it’s a big problem. Finding anxiety and fear is more likely than finding success. The result: lives disrupted, and potential career earnings lost.

Based on conversations with thousands of job seekers, we’ve learned, there is a common set of challenges:

  • Unclear status at all times: job seekers have no clue where their applications are going or what the next steps are; it’s difficult for them to understand where they stand in the process.
  • Disorganized hiring processes: job seekers deal with last-minute cancellations, tardiness, repetitive questions, under-prepared, and disengaged interviewers.
  • A one-sided flow of information: job seekers invest countless hours researching and preparing for each job opportunity. Only two out of ten companies share feedback with the job seeker. Otherwise, expect radio silence, rejection templates or our personal favorite, “We’re not allowed to give feedback due to policy.”

We Are Passionate About Solving This Problem And Have The Experience To Make It Happen

We’ve been candidate advocates for nearly ten years, and we’ve seen a million blogs call out the importance of candidate experience. At least $2.4B[2] was invested in helping companies hire better in 2015 alone. In that same time, we’ve seen zero products 100% designed and dedicated to empowering job seekers of all backgrounds. As a result, job seekers are left without direction or guidance when making one of the most important decisions of their life.

We’ve heard from too many individuals who were forced to take jobs they didn’t want and left to hop from one job to the next in the hope of finding the right fit. 

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We Are Starting By Building A Talent Community

The hirepool community includes anyone who wants to work with us and shares these values:

  • Transparency: we believe transparency is the beginning of and most integral part of a meaningful relationship.
  • Collaboration: we believe in community over competition. Collaboration is the key to unlocking equal economic opportunity for all.
  • Data Equality: we believe the individual deserves as much data about an opportunity as the employer does about the individual applying for a job.

In Conclusion

The job search is a big problem. The process is unclear, disorganized, and one-sided. We are building tools to help, but more importantly, we are building a community of people who want to work with each other. The hirepool community is 100% designed and dedicated to making your job search, better. Join us.


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